Problem :


Lock page in memory                                                 or

Msg 5845, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) requires the ‘lock pages in memory’ privilege which is not currently present in the access token of the process.

we generally face ‘Lock pages in memory’ privilege error while either enabling AWE from SQL Server properties or using Reconfigure with Override command while changing sql server configuration settings in 32-bit machine.

The windows policy Lock Pages in Memory option is disabled by default.This privilege must be enabled to configure AWE(Address Windowing Extensions). Locking pages in memory is not required on 64-bit operating systems.This policy determins which accounts can use a process to keep data in physical memory, preventing the system from paging the data to virtual memory on disk. you can use following steps to windows group policy tool to enable the account used by SQL Server.

1. Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc
2. Group Policy console -> Computer Configuration -> windows Settings ->Security Settings -> Local Policies ->User Rights Assignment
3. In the right pane, search for Lock pages in memory. Double click on it and in the dialog box you will add an SQL Server Service account.

Once above steps complete, you will restart SQL Services and try to reconfigure the sql server configuration. You will not face lock page in memory error.